Lemongrass Herbal Tea 100GM


You can enjoy lemongrass herbal tea as is, or you can add a touch of sweetness by stirring in honey or a natural sweetener of your choice. Some people also like to add a squeeze of lemon or a sprig of mint for additional freshness.

  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Lemongrass Herbal Tea is Pure and 100% natural. There are no unnatural preservatives and no harmful chemicals.
  • EASY TO USE AND ADD TO YOUR DIET: Our Lemongrass Herbal Tea is already dried and makes fine to use quick and easy to use in daily life. You make instant tea, soft drink, and add in other beverages in a few minutes.
  • LAMONGRASS TEA: Natural Herbal always make you naturally healthy and fit. Lemongrass Herbal tea one of Them to improve you daily life health and activity. You can feel freshness over the day.
  • HOT AND COLD TEA: If you try to something delicious and refreshing just try to make Lemongrass cold or hot tea. It lost of Uses and benefits.
  • PACKAGING: We Use Brown Pouch Packaging for this.

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