Camphor Flex Kapoor 100GM


Camphor is used to destroy negative energy from home and by doing so, there is peace and happiness in the family. It is also said that camphor is burnt in the house only if there is negative energy in the house. There is a belief that by doing this the negative energy of the house is dissipated and the external powers are also not affected.

100% NATURAL CAMPHOR: Obtained from the bark of the tree Cinnamonun Camphora.

NO CHEMICALS – Camphor is unadulterated and chemical-free, it is safe for use around children, pets, and the environment.

DAILY USE – Burning a small amount of camphor everyday helps clear the energy and air in your home and workplace. Burning Camphor everyday helps calm the mind and uplift the mood by magnifying positive thoughts.

PURE AND NATURAL – Camphor/Kapur is completely pure and adds a wonderful energy to the aura. It has countless wonderful benefits. Best for usage in aromatherapy, worship, etc.

AUTHENTIC AND REFINED: Soul Sticks camphor contains no chemicals or additives, just pure camphor oil directly from the source.

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